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Gangaur Festival Tours

Gangaur is one of the most gleaming festivals celebrated with great fervour and gladness all over the Rajasthan including Jaipur. The word Gangaur is mixture of two words "Gan" & "Gaur", where 'Gan' stands for Lord Shiva and 'Gaur' denotes for Gauri or Goddess Parvati (wife of lord Shiva), mainly, this festival tributes to Goddess Parvati who symbolizes Saubhagya (marital bliss)., strength, courage, power and excellence.
In this festival, married woman worship goddess parvati (gauri) for long, healthy and wealthy life of their husband and girls for good and understanding life-partner. This festival is celebrated in between March and April , according to Gregorian calendar or in the Chaitra Maah, the first month of the Hindu calendar. It starts on the very 1st day Chaitra maah, the followed Holi and is performed for 18 days. Also, it denotes the the end of winter and the welcome of spring.
Women and girls performs fast during this festive time and eat only one meal a day. sculptor of Parvati and Lord Shiva are prepared with the help clay and decorated very beautifully with the help colour, clothes and other accessories. In some of the Rajputana family, these sculptures are made of wood and every year, some day before the festival they called the famous painters who are known as 'Matherans' for painting them.
During this festival, Women and girls, wore new dresses, beautify themselves with ornaments and apply "Mehndi"(henna) on their palms and feet. On the evening of seventh day girls carry 'ghudilas'(Pot made of clay with many holes in it and has lamp inside ), on their heads. They sings Gangaur song. They also get gifts from their elders in form of money, sweets, jewellery, clothes etc. This ceremony celebrates for 10 days and on the final day girls and women break their pots and throw it into the pond or well. The clay sculpture are also immersed in water on the last day of fest. From "Zanani-Deodhi" of the City Palace a grand procession is organized which passes through Tripolia Bazaar, Chhoti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar, Chaugan Stadium and finally converges near the Talkatora. This march is began with elephant show, decorated palanquins, beautiful chariots, and performs different folk dances and songs.


Gangaur is also one of the most popular and vibrant festivals celebrated in the city as well as all around Rajasthan. This festival is celebrated in the month of March and April and is celebrated for 18 days. The word "Gangaur" stands for the name of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. In Rajasthan Goddess Parvati is regarded as the essence of marital love, strength, courage, power and excellence. Of their husbands while on the other hand the Girls pray for getting a smart and an understanding life partner. This festival marks the starting of Spring season.


>> In this walk you will be taken to a Rajasthani family to look and enjoy this popular festival and you will be shown how married women and girls have their fast and how they make the small statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati using clay which are on the last day of this festival are thrown in the old and historic artificial pond in the old city.

>> Enjoy this Gaugauri walk through various market places and look after the different rajsathani folk dances, puppet shows, etc...

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